Imperial Landing Property ID: 154 4020 - 4300 Bayview Street, Richmond

For Lease

Unit Information

Unit Number Area (sqft) Base Rent PSF Operating Costs PSF Monthly Rent
4020-Bldg 1 1000-6794 sqft $TBA N/A N/A
4080-Bldg 2 16143 sqft $TBA N/A N/A
4100-Bldg 3 1789 sqft $TBA N/A N/A
4180-Bldg 4 1480-6027 sqft $TBA N/A N/A
4280-Bldg 5 TBA sqft $TBA N/A N/A
4300-Bldg 6 TBA sqft $TBA N/A N/A

Building Information

Min. Floor Area Max. Floor Area Total Building Area Available
1000 sqft 30600 sqft 30600 sqft
Lease Term Option to Renew Sublease
5 Years Yes No
Percentage Rent Promo/Merch. Fund Operating Costs
% No $ 11.50
Last Modified
10 months ago 2018-07-04 15:24

Property Description

Imperial Landing is located in historic Steveston Village, along the boardwalk waterfront all the way to the South Arm of the Fraser River. Imperial Landing is accessed from the foot of No. 1 Road at Bayview Street. There are 6 newer Buildings within Imperial Landing that comprise of ground floor space and 2 levels of residential apartments above.

The current zoning of the main floor areas of Buildings 1 to 4 is approved for Retail Zoning (Restaurants, Retail Service) scheduled for adoption by Spring 2019. Whereas Buildings 5 to 6 are approved for Hotel Zoning scheduled for adoption by Spring 2019.


**Note: Information subject to change without notice**

Unit Description

Now leasing for Retail, Service, and Restaurant uses. Preliminary retail zoning approval granted, final adoption scheduled by Spring 2019. 

Buildings 1 to 4 lease rental rates and operating costs to be determined (assessed) by Landlord based on approved Retail or Restaurant uses and floor areas. Enquire with Agent on approved uses, rental lease rates & suggestions.