About Us

Looking Back

Dorset Realty Group was founded by Ron Schuss in 1975, but the passion that continues to fuel it today was sparked much earlier.

While working towards his CGA designation at a national real estate investment firm in 1953, Ron was asked to collect rents at a nearby building. Though he wouldn't realize it at the time, this small errand would change Ron's life and mark the beginning of Dorset Realty Group.

Ron's newfound dedication and passion for the industry led to him through a number of real estate roles before finally opening the doors at Dorset Realty Group. Over the past 40 years, the company has grown into new areas of the business and the Lower Mainland while staying true to the principals that Ron and the Dorset Realty Group have always been known for.

Moving Forward

40 years later, Dorset Realty Group is an industry leader, managing over 5 million square feet of commercial property, nearly 150 strata complexes and 79 residential rental buildings. Our Commercial Leasing and Sales Division combines to create a truly full service Brokerage, ensuring our clients have the best portfolio advice on hand and with just one visit.

Dorset Realty Group's years of experience, local industry knowledge and passion for the business are what set us apart. Our team of dedicated Property Managers, Agents, Administrators and Support Staff provide the high level of service we are known for. They provide leading edge solutions to clients and maintain a personal presence at every property, ensuring each property's success.

We are a local company made up of people who care about the communities we work and live in. We do our business the same way.

Our Management Team

Ron Schuss
Founder & President

As Founder and President, Ron Schuss has taken the passion for real estate that he discovered at 18 and built it into an industry leading company. Born, raised and still residing in Richmond BC, Ron sees great value in staying local in order to provide the high level of services that our clients expect. Not only has Ron made companies grow, but gardens too. His own garden has grown so extensively that he now refers to its upkeep as "almost farming". As well as farming, Ron also enjoys golfing, hosting dinners and volunteering with various charities.

Kim Schuss
Vice President &
Senior Property Manager

As Vice President and Senior Property Manager, Kim Schuss knows that the attention and care provided to his clients is what sets Dorset Realty Group apart. Kim was called to join the family business in 1980 and saw it as an opportunity to learn about an industry his father was so passionately involved in. 30 years later, Kim can now safely say he shares in his father's passion. Kim's straightforward approach at work is thanks to the high value he places on honesty. When not in the office, Kim enjoys carpentry, home improvement and travelling.

Colin Schuss
Vice President &
Commercial Leasing & Sales Division

Colin Schuss was first licensed as a Real Estate Broker in 1985. In 1988, he assisted in initiating the Commercial Sales and Leasing Division at Dorset Realty. 29 years later, Colin has built up an portfolio of almost 5 million square feet of managed or represented space. A Richmond resident for almost 50 years, Colin places great value in giving back the community he calls home. He contributes to community volunteering as Richmond Caring Place Director and has coached Richmond Youth Soccer. In his free time, Colin is an avid cyclist and fitness participant.

Damien Roussin
Managing Director

As Managing Director, Damien Roussin strives to ensure Dorset Realty Group offers first class service to our clients and customers. Damien persistently searches for ways to improve our business and customer service while always being ready to assist clients, customers and staff alike. Whether it's at the office, on the soccer field, or volunteering with children's charities, Damien is eager to step into a leadership role, motivate others and make positive changes.

Angie Hui
Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer, Angie Hui never has a dull day in the Dorset Realty Group office. Angie oversees the operation as well as the support staff using her knowledge and experience being built since her start at reception in 1993. Angie has worked in various departments and understands the business from the ground up. When not in her office, Angie enjoys food and wine around town.